How it works

I will visit you and your cats in your home prior to the first care period. Cats, like people, are all different and getting to know the different personalities is one of the things I love best about my job!

I will bring all the necessary paperwork for you to view and sign at this time (e.g. service agreement, key release form, vet release form etc.) to ensure that you go away knowing that I have understood your / your cat’s needs and answered all of your questions.

 On the first visit, I will leave the booking form with you so that you can see the amount due. For subsequent care periods, I will e-mail the booking form to you after the booking is made.



I’ll collect your spare key (and check that it works) plus any details of house alarm etc. needed to enter your property. Note that your keys are kept in a safe place with a reference number only attached to them. The alarm code will be kept separately.

If you would prefer that I do not continue to hold your keys, I will return them to you within three days of the care period. As I would need to deliver it back in person, there would however be a charge for dropping it off and a charge for collecting it the next time.

 Payment for the full amount should be left for me to collect when you go away, either in cash or as a cheque made out to Victoria Launer. Alternatively, the money can be transferred into my bank account (you will have the details after our first meeting). I will e-mail the receipt for payment or invoice for unforeseen additional costs to you at the end of the care period.

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