Meet the Love Cats team

 VICTORIA : Having grown up in the countryside with a wide range of animals from large horses to goldfish, several dogs and of course cats, I now live in Balham with just the one cat, Chi (that’s her in the photo above) ….. and three other animals (my husband Jack and our two boys).;) winking

 PAMELA : I have lived  in south west London for the last 30 or so years.  My first cats were kittens from Streatham Cats Rescue.  Tiger and Sophia lived with me for 14 years.  After they passed on, my therapy was to become a cat socialiser at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.  I have been there for ten years, and took elderly cats home with me seven years ago. Chilli Pickle has now sadly died, but Pudding still provides me with feline companionship.

 JANE : I am based in Clapham South. I’ve lived back in London for over 15 years having relocated back here from working in Europe and Asia. I’ve surrounded myself with animals wherever I have lived and I’m currently fostering 2 rescue dogs, an adopted a Battersea cat along with 3 ex battery chickens.

 SUE : I grew up in Northern Canada, surrounded by cats and dogs. I’ve spent the last 40+ years living in South London, bringing up my daughter in a house full of cats, dogs and many, many pet rats! Now I live in my own so I get my cuddles from your cats instead.

 SANDRA : I have lived in Balham all my life and have always shared it with cats and dogs. Now my own children are grown up, I work with children and animals every day and I can thoroughly say that I love my work!

 LYLA : As a small child, my cat Moby and I were inseparable.  When I was five, I was asked what would I like to do when I was older?  I said I wanted to be a Cat!  And when my contemporaries were besotted with the latest teenage idol, I had pictures of felines on my wall!  I think you get the picture! I JUST ADORE CATS and still do (the one thing I did not grow out of!) and if given the opportunity I would like to adore your cats as well. I am an adult tutor and assessor delivering Vocational Educational programmes at GCSE & A Level to adults.  I live in East Dulwich and have done so for most of my life.  I have a car and can be very flexible with my hours as I only work part-time.  I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you and, more importantly, your Moggy!

 LINDSEY :  I’m based in Wimbledon. I’m a qualified Veterinary Nursing Assistant and have worked with cats for many years both in practice and at a number of large animal charities. A lifelong cat owner, I’m currently mum to my boy, Henry, whom I rescued as a very frightened little stray many years ago – Hard to believe now given how big and confident he’s become! His other name is Chairman Meow because he rules us all in the household with an iron paw!